Saturday, 4 December 2010


This morning, Pierre and I embarked on a little mission. With us we had a map, our cameras, camcorder, food, water, warm clothes and a horrible little flask of some sort of German spirit, just for courage. To get into this place we took a train to Potsdam, then a twenty minute bus ride into the woods basically, then walked along a long wall guarding some abandoned holiday homes that were once for rent. This place, called Kaserne Krampnitz was once a Nazi training school, for soldiers, workmen and women, officers and such. Later it was seized by the Russians and eventually closed. Walking around this place, through the snow and trees and abandoned buildings, was very surreal and unsettling. My heart was racing, and I was incredibly paranoid. I kept thinking that someone was following us and that the guard would catch us. We followed long roads, with fresh tire tracks running all the way through. We also heard the constant sound of a dog barking, and on two separate occasions we heard voices. A swig of that horrible flask kept my head in place. Unfortunately we didn't find the school (which is what we came to find), as it was one among maybe 30 or 40 abandoned buildings in this village, all of which look very similar. Pierre and I plan to return to this place to shoot a film, next week. I'll keep you informed!

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