Saturday, 13 November 2010


Today Lucas and I entered the abandoned Spree Park, but what a hell of a ride it was! I cannot describe the experience as anything short of amazing! My heart was racing, with the camera in my hand and just exploring. I was nervous, still but so excited at the same time. Lucas was the film maker, and we saw a man cycling round the park patrolling for trespassers. At one point I lost Lucas, and with no credit on my phone I was on my own in this scary old amusement park. I could see the place go darker and darker. He eventually called me to ask where the hell I'd gone , just as I'd just stumbled into what looked like the tunnel through which a the roller coaster might once have gone. Just at this moment I heard the sound of wheels spinning and crunching the the hard and wet gravel. "FUCK!" I thought. The man gave me a hateful stare straight into the eyes and spoke to me in German. At this point I played the "I'm a tourist" trick and pretended I didn't speak a word of German, even I knew perfectly well what he was saying. He said in German "Did you know it's illegal to trespass in these parks? There is a fine of €30 Euros for entering". He also demanded I delete all the photos I'd taken. I pretended I had just entered an only taken three photos, and deleted them. Even though I snaked my way out of the situation, it was definitely Game Over for me. I quickly hurried along down the path and climbed over the fence out into the park, also avoiding the fine. Lucas on the other hand, was still on foot and carrying my camcorder, playing hide and seek with the guard, who he had successfully dodged many a times. He witnessed another couple get caught and pay a fine. This however, just gave him even more thirst to make it out uncaught. Meanwhile I was sat on a rock in the pouring rain outside the park, hoping he'd find me, as he'd sent me a message to meet me "outside". A good hour later he was done and ran like a bitch, just missing the guard and then we safely made our back down the clearing to the station. I think we've learned it's just impossible to try to shoot a film in that place, but tonight I'm going out for drinks with the French to discuss new ideas. We will film in the woods at the early hours of the morning.

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